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Our Goals as an Organization
Goal 1:  Improve Industry Image
1.  Work with academic and career guidance counselors, school boards, administrators, parents, students, and teachers to provide an accurate picture of the
     construction and maintenance industry relating to competitive benefits and wages.
2.  Promote career pathways for students versus jobs.
3.  Work with local schools to build strong advisory committees.
4.  Develop marketing campaign(s) to improve image.
5.  Develop list of association and education lobbyists.
6.  Develop political contacts and strategies to change the image of the industry.
Goal 2:  Recruitment
1.  Educate families with children in grades 1-12 about careers in maintenance and construction.
2.  Provide recruitment strategies to schools, training programs, and contractors.
     a. Sponsor summer construction camps for middle school and high school students.
     b. Develop recruiting kits to be used in schools.
     c. Assist with and promote construction and maintenance career fairs in middle and high schools.
     d. Develop videotapes with sponsor tags to be aired on local TV stations during scheduled nightly news broadcasts.
3.  Established linked Web sites for training, scholarships, and employment opportunities.
4.  Target specifics special groups (e.g., discharged military, dislocated workers, and unskilled adult population) for training and employment
5.  Partner local construction companies with local career and technology teachers and students to form internships and strong advisory committees.
6.  Create a central clearinghouse for recruitment. 
Goal 3: Training
1.  Identify and provide craft work certification opportunities.
2.  Provide a registration process to ensure that all maintenance and construction students are aware of portable industry certification credentials, and assist if
3.  Develop and promote apprenticeships.
4.  Promote a standardized curriculum alignment for grades 9-16.
5.  Provide a clearinghouse for existing training.
Goal 4: Retention of Skilled Workforce
1.   Promote careers versus jobs and promote from within the company.
2.   Encourage and offer continuing education and professional development within companies.   





 Maintenance and Construction Technology Alliance is a 501C3 Non-Profit Foundation.